21 October 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen... The Time

In honor of their first studio album in 21 years, Reunion Radio brings you a set featuring The Original 7ven members of The Time. We've got a little of everything in this one, live tracks, side acts, solo cuts, production work, mixes, and of course a heavy dose of their excellent new album "Condensate" released under their new name The Original 7ven.... damn you Prince. Also included is the new single from fDeluxe, the band formerly known as the Family... Come on P... featuring Time drummer Jellybean Johnson. So without further adieu, Ladies & Gentlemen... The Time. 

Strawberry Lake - The Original 7ven
Fishnet - Morris Day
Discreet - Cherrelle (Jam & Lewis)
My Drawers - The Time
Get It Up/777-9311 (Live) - Morris Day & The Time
Summertime Love - Ta Mara & the Seen (Jesse Johnson)
So Misunderstood - Jesse Johnson
Jerk Out - The Time
If I Was Yo Man - The Original 7ven
Over The Canyon - fDeluxe aka The Family (Jellybean Johnson)
That's Where You'll Find Me - Deja (Monte Moir)
What Can I Say To Make You Love Me (Live) - Alexander O'Neal (Jam & Lewis)
Faithful - The Original 7ven
Cadillac - The Original 7ven
Free World - Jesse Johnson
The Pleasure Principle - Janet Jackson (Monte Moir, Jam & Lewis)
It's Your World - The Time
Toast To The Party Girl - The Original 7ven 

78m 56s

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