11 September 2009

The Reunion Radio Podcast: Show #2 (click to download)

The second installment of the Reunion Radio podcast kicks off with the man of summer himself ... Maxwell. We give you a taste of his hot new album BLACKsummers'night plus revisit a couple Max classics. If that wasn't enough we also drop a couple previously unreleased Van Hunt tracks on you just for good measure. As usual the show is rounded out with some Funk and R&B classics from the past... in and out of the mix ... as well as some of the best current R&B around.

Show #2 Track List

Phoenix Rise - Maxwell (2009)
Atomic Dog - George Clinton (1982)
DMSR - Prince (1982)
Alphabet Street (remix) - Prince (1988)
Flirt - Cameo (1982)
Saturday Laughs - Van Hunt (released 2009)
Ego - Beyonce (2009)
Mr Yeah - The Dream (2009)
Right Down To It - Damian Dame (1991)
Baby, Baby, Baby - TLC (1992)
Step in the Name of Love (remix) - R Kelly (2003)
Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) - Maxwell (1996)
Love You - Maxwell (2009)
N.E.Thing2getura10chin - Van Hunt (released 2009)
Be Like That Sometimes - Mint Condition (1999)
Outstanding - The Gap Band (1982)
Quickly - John Legend Feat Brandy (2008)
Hey U - Chico DeBarge (2009)
The Urban Theme - Maxwell (1996)

Also check out Max's new video "Bad Habits" Featuring Kerry Washington ~ Enjoy


Special K said...

Kerry Washington & Maxwell would make some beautiful babies lol

Tina S said...

So nice to see you spotlight Maxwell. He's getting no love on radio in my town. And they wonder why people are finding more Pods.

Marcus said...

hold it down Old Pro!

Marcus said...

Van is something fierce!

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