26 August 2010

Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame: I (1983) CD-RIP w/Bonus Tracks

Nobody Can be You
You Meet My Approval
Last Nite / Nite Before
Strange (Soft & Hard)
Speak With Your Body
Weak At The Knees
Way Out
Pocket Full Of Air (Bonus Track)
At It Again (Bonus Track)
I Love You (Bonus Track)
Way Out (Frankie Crocker Remix, Bonus Track)


Dr. Claw said...

This album is what anyone who loved the Steve Arrington years of Slave could have hoped for -- it's a nonstop groove fest. Even the slower songs are hard to not put on repeat. When I got this on CD some years ago (largely for "Nobody Can Be You"), once I managed to get through to the end... I couldn't get past "I Love You". That song reminds me a lot of Prince circa 1979 and I can't imagine how it stayed bottled up all those years!

silky1 said...

Doc, we are > < on "I Love You". That is my jam. Thanks for the support, bruh.

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