21 February 2011

Silk's Love Lounge Presents : The Lust Letter

Get your freak flags out, and wave them high


The Family - The Screams Of Passion (extended version)
Chocolate Milk - Comin'
Chaka Khan - Come To My House
Ne-Yo - Telekinesis
Reggie B. - Consumate
Horace Brown - Taste Your Love
Omar - Confection
Jeannie Reynolds - The Fruit Song
Brandy - Like This
Miguel - Teach Me
Prince - Ripopgodazipa
Melvin Riley - I'm All In
@BSlade - Tempo
Gwen McCrae - He Don't Ever Lose His Groove
Donnell Jones - Just A Little
R Kelly - Just Can't Get Enough
Barry White - Love Makin' Music

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