29 July 2011

Forgotten 80's

With this set we dive deep into the 80s and pull up some less familiar and long forgotten gems... How many do you remember? The track list is posted in the comments section so you can test your old school knowledge if you so choose... No cheating.... Professor OP is watching.

67m 6s


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Old Pro said...

Show Me Where You're Coming From - Carrie Lucas (1982)
Take My Love - Vanessa Holmes And Chicago Nite Life (1985)
Keeping Secrets - Switch (1984)
Step In The Light - Sunfire (1982)
Looking Up to You - Michael Wycoff (1983)
One Step At A Time - Michael Henderson (1983)
Out Tonight - Dayton (1983)
Naughty Time - Cutty (1984)
Don't Turn Your Back On Love - Freddie James (1983)
Private Party - Bobby Nunn (1983)
Get It While Your Can - Bobby Nunn (1982)
She's A Passionate Lover - The B.B. & Q. Band (1983)
After The Dance Is Through - Krystol (1984)
Let It Go - Bobby Broom (1984)
Off And On Love - Champaign (1984)

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