04 February 2013

Reunion Radio 02-04-2013

Hey everyone, Old Pro here. Today I'm dropping a new Reunion Radio podcast that's in the spirit of what I started out doing 4 years ago with my streaming station. I wanted to put sets together that mimicked what I felt over the air radio could sound like today, if not for  the corporate stranglehold that exists. Beyond my personal enjoyment of putting these together, I wanted to help expose older R&B fans to some new music & artists that I've found fits in with the 70s, 80s & 90s tracks we also play. Since I'm the one picking tracks, (along with contributions from my podcasting partner Silk) I'm going to no doubt use my own ear and preferences when it comes to how these shows sound.. my preference is for songs featuring steady grooves & strong melodies. However as a DJ with over 30 years experience, I also know not to just playing for myself.. I always try and broaden the sound and styles to give a good cross mix for broader appeal. That could mean playing things labeled pop, electronic, house, dance, etc... if it fits what I'm doing here I'm going to play it regardless of the genre it gets filed under.

As with any 'radio station', everyone isn't going to like everything we play.. and that's cool. All I ask in return for doing these shows is that you take the time to give each track a chance.. don't dismiss a song simply because it's an artist you've never heard of or don't like based on name recognition.. trust me when I tell you I've missed a lot of good stuff over the years by closing my mind like this. That's one reason why I asked Silk to join me in putting these things together.. he's put me on to a lot of shit over the years that I would have otherwise missed or been late on. Having someone that comes at this a bit differently, and not only helping by contributing tracks to my shows but also doing his own solo sets, is the best way to keep Reunion Radio from becoming stale and predictable.. something I hate about over the air radio today.

Now make no mistake, we have no delusions that we're some big time podcast with 10s of 1000s of downloads or anything like that.. in fact I'm honored and blown away that we have as many people listening to these as we do. Our average show hits somewhere in the 150-250 range with some climbing well over the 1,000 mark. I mean it when I say we really appreciate those of you who come back every month and download shows from this blog and our podomatic page.. but we know those numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the big timers out there. Still that doesn't mean we shouldn't put our best foot forward and bring to our supporters the best possible shows we can make.

That brings me to our offering today.. Today's show marks a relaunch of sorts for my Reunion Radio signature show. I'll still be doing the occasional special like Hood Classics.. but for the most part I will be leaving these themed podcasts to Silk & keeping my focus on the Reunion Radio shows, which include the full gamut of what we do here. This show today came out a little on the dance heavy side.. We got 2 of the stronger European R&B/Disco acts going today, Cool Million & Joey Negro, Soulful-House icons Miguel Migs & Lisa Shaw, some classic Janet, Midnight Star & Prince.. and my personal favorite Electronic duo Chromeo's ode to German Electro-Funk legends Kraftwerk. Making things even juicer are brand new songs by R&B legends Teena Marie, The System & Charlie Wilson.. the latter of which was produced by Cameo's Charlie Singleton. We also switch it up with some Modern-Funk from Amsterdam's Henning (Dam Funk fans will love this one) and the B. Slade aka Tonex remake of a Prince classic... full track list in comment section.


Thanks for taking the time to download & listen... New Silk shows will be coming in the next week or so.



Old Pro said...

*Track List*
Cool Million - 'Think I'm In Love' feat. Laura Jackson [2012]
Evelyn Champagne King - 'I'm In Love' [1981]
Miguel Migs - 'Everybody' feat. Evelyn Champagne King [2011]
Lisa Shaw - 'Honey' (Mr. Moon 80's Vocal Mix) [2009]
Janet Jackson - 'When I Think Of You' [1986]
Bruno Mars - 'Treasure' [2012]
Kinky Movement & Adaja Black - 'Loco Love' [2012]
Midnight Star - 'Night Rider' [1983]
Charlie Wilson - 'My Baby' [2013]
The System - 'No Fear of Flying' [2013]
Henning - 'Villain's Day Off' [2012]
B. Slade (Tonex) - 'Girlfriend' [2012]
Teena Marie - 'Luv Letter' [2013]
Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - 'Trust Me' feat. Vivienne McKone [2012]
Chromeo – 'Marathon Machine' [2012]
Prince - 'Lady Cab Driver' [1982]

Old Pro said...

Run time is 69m

samuel mcneal said...

Again,the so-called "Old School" radio stations needs to do a better job of playing much more variety of music and songs NOT JUST pop hits that are being played over and over and over again.

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