23 October 2013

Reunion Radio Podcast 10-23-2013

We jump back in with one of our standard shows bringing together different styles and eras.. although with the glut of good new music the last few months we ended up heavy on 2013 releases. I'm dropping two tracks each, from albums I think are among the best of the year so far, with the Foreign Exchange & the new one by the legendary Earth Wind & Fire. Also in here are new joints from Reggie B (who's album is also outstanding), Joe, Pharrell Williams & the return of TLC with a new song off their latest best of collection "20". As usual I dip in & out of the mix, run through some old school as well as some more recent classics, and just basically end up going where the music takes me. I'll get the full track list up in the comments section. 

Enjoy ~ OP


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Old Pro said...

Hot Natured - Take You There (2013)
The Foreign Exchange - The Moment (2013)
The Foreign Exchange - Right After Midnight (2013)
Drake - Hold On We're Going Home (2013)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Got To Be Love (2013)
Jeffrey Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light (1982)
Lo-Key? - Sweet On U (1992)
TLC - Meant To Be (2013)
Joe - Compromise (2013)
Pharrell Williams - Happy (2013)
Reggie B - Light Horizon (2013)
Tonex - Rainbow (2008)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Dance Floor (2013)
Outkast - The Way You Move (2003)


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